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The Business Blacksmith, The Brand Design Guy…Russell Pearson

Russell Pearson

Insightful and engaging, Russell’s direct, thought provoking style has been WOWing audiences in person, virtual and hybrid events globally.

Whether stalking the big stage, going global from his private studio or rocking a comedy club, Brand Strategist, Russell Pearson brings passion, humour and insight to every presentation.

For 25 years, Russell has been working with passionate business people to guide them on their next step. His mission; To fight apathy in the workplace and to re-ignite the spark in the hearts of business founders around the world.

Russell is the founder of the award winning Crimson Fox Creative Studios, host of the Marketing Report Podcast and a Business Leader globally. In his spare time he moves hot metal as a blacksmith and is father of 3 beautiful daughters.

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2021 Keynote and Presentation Topics

1. Secret Identity
How personal branding empowers team environments

Audience: Corporate teams and team leaders

If you’re wanting to create the ultimate team in your business, it’s time to start thinking like the Avengers and less like the military. Identifying the natural strengths and weaknesses of your employees will enable you to create the sort of diverse and effective team that the world needs right now.

In this session, Russell Pearson will show you how encouraging personal branding inside your business, you can begin to reveal the hidden superpowers of your team and discover a whole new engaged culture of performance.

Audience Outcomes:
– How to improve teamwork and performance in your business
– 3 challenges to unleash the hidden strengths in your department
– How to increase client engagement even if you’re not on the frontline.

2. RAW and Real
The Future of People Engagement

Audience: Organisational Sales/Marketing and Recruitment/HR teams

We all know the world is changing, but are we changing with it? Whether it’s new customers or EVEN new staff members, getting quality candidates in the door is more competitive than ever.

In this session you’ll discover how to capture and keep your ideal prospects by focusing on the things that keep people coming back…And it’s not what you think. With proven tactics and strategies to share, attendees will discover how to not only identify your ideal individuals but how to attract them en masse.

Audience Outcomes:
– Understanding the changes in people engagement, both in talent and client attraction
– What is working in communication, video and business copywriting
– Models your team can use to make corporate communication instantly more engaging.

3. Get Up and Get It!
Moving from Business Recovery to Growth

Audience: Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Associations

Business Owners or Entrepreneurs have been hit hard this year. For many there is mass opportunity for others, they’re still on their knees. How can we get confidence back?

Marketing speaker & facilitator Russell Pearson defines practical steps to get movement back into your business. These are strategies that are working right now, no matter the industry to move business from surviving to thriving. Let’s Get up and Get It!

Audience Outcomes:
– Learn from Success stories of adaption in the changing world of business
– The steps to adapt your offering so that customers can say YES right now
– How to build an adaptable business that will thrive no matter the environment.

4. Simplifying the Digital World
How to take your Business Online without the Frustration

Audience: Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Associations

We all know how important the online opportunity is for just about every business industry, and it’s role in the future of your organisation. Whether you’re new to the online world or have been at it for some time, the online choices and the speed of change can be daunting.

Russell Pearson steps you through what’s new, evolving and what you need to know about the Digital World of Business right now.

Audience Outcomes:
– What’s new in the digital world and what should your focus be right now
– How to approach the digital world strategically – You don’t have to do it all
– First steps for those just starting and next steps for the digital veterans.

Adding value to your events

These are a taste of the topics that Russell is presenting, he also has a practical presentation on most areas of Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

As a professional with experience in event management and creation, Russell understands the need to support you and your event program to ensure its success. Ask how Russell can enhance your attendees experience, not just on the day, but before and after your event as well.

If you would like to have Russell Pearson speak or facilitate a program for your organisation, you know what to do…click the button below and make an enquiry today.

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Who has Russell worked with?

Here’s what they’re saying about Russell’s presentations

“Russell’s presentation skills are second to none and the quality of his content was first class.”

~ CPA Australia

“Russell Pearson is a true professional in the way he delivers his talks and workshops. I would recommend him to speak with any business audience in regarding to Brand Design or Marketing.”

~ Bendigo Bank

“Russell nailed it! He was extremely knowledgeable, informative, insightful and the results were outstanding!”

~ Santa Fe Wridgways

“I’ve been speaking for 20 years and the structure that he outlined, and the ways in which you can use it for all of your marketing efforts, was seriously one of the best things I’ve seen during that time.”

~ Professional Speakers Australia

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