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Russell PearsonRussell Pearson is a breath of fresh air”. When it comes to speaking on Branding and Marketing, his ideas and insights have influenced thousands of business owners and managers, both in Australia and across the Globe. Russell is himself an award winning business owner who brings to the table a lifetime of experience in the world of marketing.

Russell and his company the Crimson Fox Creative Studios have seen the inside of businesses in most industries, giving him the insight on what actions have lead to Marketing success and failure.

The scope of his work has enabled him to see many changes in branding and marketing from before the Internet bubble of 2000 – right through the Global Economic Crisis and out the other side.

Russell has worked with many notable companies including Melway and the Ausway Group of Companies, Wridgways Removalists, Fulton Hogan, Victory Curtains and Blinds, The Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia, Greenbank Environmental, Ticketmaster and Paton’s Macadamias as well as a host of fantastic local and international companies.

Popular Keynote and Presentation Topics


Program 1: How to Capture and Keep Your Ideal Clients

With a focus on technology, businesses across the globe are looking to engage customers with the next big thing. But could the chase for technology lead you down a digital rabbit hole.

Russell Pearson discusses how to capture and keep your ideal clients by focusing on the things that keep customers coming back. With proven tactics and strategies to share, attendees will discover how to not only identify your ideal clients but how to attract them en masse.

Program 2: The Future of Brand Marketing

Looking into the future we focus on trends, fads and what will change over the next 12 months in Brand Marketing.
Ideal of marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, Russell Pearson’s practical knowledge of the marketing landscape enables him to present tactics and strategies that you can use effectively in the coming year.

Program 3: Powerful Positioning for Business Owners

There are millions of businesses in Australasia, and billions of businesses across the digital world. How do you amplify your message to rise above the noise, create your ideal market position and attract your ideal customers?

In this insightful and engaging session Russell Pearson will show you what it really takes to positioning your business for success now and into the future by strategically preparing your position and creating a market attraction machine to accelerate opportunity.

Program 4: Simplify the Digital World

From professional artist to professional developer. Russell Pearson has experienced many roles throughout the technology boom and rise of the digital world.
His unique journey has given him insights to share what really matters online and how you can take small steps to learn a lifetime of skills to navigate the digital world.

Adding value to your events

As a professional with experience in event management and creation, Russell understands the need to support you and your event program to ensure its success. Ask how Russell can enhance your attendees experience, not just on the day, but before and after your event as well.

If you would like to have Russell Pearson speak or facilitate a program for your organisation, you know what to do…click the button below and make an enquiry today.

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