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Malcolm Young AC/DC – Brand Legacy

This week Malcolm Young of AC/DC passed away. It had me consider what brand legacy really means. It’s not necessarily about ‘what’ you do, but how it makes people feel.

How to Beat Amazon – Retail Marketing Advice

Amazon has had a 30% increase in share price in the last 12 months and is about to open in a big way here in Australia before Christmas.

Russell Pearson, the Brand Design Guy, discusses what that means for Australian businesses and what they can do to beat Amazon at its own game, this week on The Marketing Report.

Black Friday is BAD for Business: Discounts and Cyber Monday

Today, Russell Pearson, Brand Design Guy, looks at the biggest shopping day on the retail calendar, Black Friday, and it’s sibling Cyber Monday.

Discounting can be a useful marketing tool, but only when used for the right reasons. Enjoy!

NZ Police Know Marketing

If you’re yet to watch the recent NZ Police Recruitment Ad then you’re in for a treat.

Today Russell Pearson discusses what we can learn from the advertisement and how they have succeeded in creating real marketing outcomes.

Watch the NZ Police recruitment advertisement here

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