Monthly Archives: June 2022

Episode 97: The Marketing Report

Episode 97: Creating a Purpose Lead Business with Danielle Robertson So many entrepreneurs have discovered that focusing on money alone will never create the impact you want to make in the world and having a Purpose Lead Business is FAR more rewarding. Today I speak with sales/marketing coach and all-round purpose lead business expert, Danielle […]

Episode 96: The Marketing Report

Episode 96: AI and the Future of Business with Craig Rispin Artificial Intelligence is no longer a thing of science fiction. We are now seeing it in practical application across industries. This week, I speak with Futurist and Business Innovation Expert, Craig Rispin about what we all should be looking at, no matter the size […]

Episode 95: The Marketing Report

Episode 95: The Intersection of Marketing and Sales If you want a business that’s much easier and fits with a lifestyle that you love, creating a Steamlined Marketing and Sales system is key. This week I discuss the challenges of having separate Sales and Marketing processes and you can create a system that makes client […]