Episode 28: The Marketing Report

Episode 28: Discussing Digital Events with Warwick Merry

The Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business Owners who want a Competitive Edge

Are you using events to engage your customers? They are very effective. Now, living in a new digital business environment, online events are becoming more effective and in some cases a preferred method of engagement.

In this fun episode I speak with Warwick Merry, Master MC and Digital Events expert to uncover what really is important in running one AND offline events and how you can make your events more engaging.

In today’s episode:

  • What opportunities exist for business in digital events?
  • The 5 keys to making your events more effective.
  • Who is the Head of Barketing? And why is he so engaging?

You can reach Warwick Merry at https://warwickmerry.com/

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