Episode 39: The Marketing Report

Episode 39: Money Mindset with Clare Wood

The Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business Owners who want a Competitive Edge

Money and Finance are important subjects for business owners at any time, but approaching money with the right attitude can attract or repel your opportunities.

In this episode, I discuss having a money mindset with Clare Wood, a business coach, a marketing and money mentor, an ex-accountant (but a cool one), a wrangler of two young boys, a drinker of wine, a podcaster, a manifestor, a wanderluster, an encourager and a reality TV fan.

In today’s episode:

  • What does it mean to have a money mindset?
  • How can we start to attract it into our world?
  • Practical tips on what you should be focusing on in the current business climate.

You can discover more about Clare Wood at: https://clarewood.com.au/

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