Episode 53: The Marketing Report

Episode 53: Social Enterprise Part 3 – Dean Sprague and Single Origin Skincare

The Marketing Report is a Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business People who want a Competitive Edge.

Part 3 of our Interview series on Social Enterprise. This 4 part series is partnering with with Moral Fairground, who are raising awareness and promoting Fair Trade and Ethical Business in Australia.

This week I speak with Dean Sprague of Single Origin Skincare about how to turn waste into treasure and how an open source mindset enables all businesses to do better.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why would I share trade secrets?
  • Opportunities to start social enterprises of your own
  • Australian business working internationally.

You can connect with Dean at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dean-sprague-36447343/

Moral Fairground have an event beginning 30 Nov ‘Fair @ Square’ and you can find out more at: https://www.moralfairground.com.au/

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