Episode 60: The Marketing Report

Episode 60: Selling Courses Online with Tom Libelt

The Marketing Report is a Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business People who want a Competitive Edge.

Courses have been sold online for decades, but in the last 12 months changes to business models and a need for a diversified income have seen many experts moving to online courses.

Our next guest, Tom Libelt, is the guy you call when your online course is not selling. He likes to say “If you can’t sell, then you’re not in business”. For many selling their expertise online has been a massive challenge. It’s not just a case of build it and they will come.

In this episode:

  • Tips for pricing your course
  • Mistakes that you may be making right now
  • What you need to get started with selling courses online.

You can find more about Tom Libelt and his services at: https://smartbrandmarketing.com/

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