Episode 34: The Marketing Report

Episode 34: A Conversation on Marketing Experiments with Kirryn Zerna

The Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business Owners who want a Competitive Edge

The most effective marketers experiment constantly to mould and shape their campaigns. The game is certainly not set-and-forget, so it’s great to get the inside word on marketing campaigns that are working and the process that was put in place, behind the scenes.

This week, Russell is joined by Marketing, Communications and Social Media expert, Kirryn Zerna who is on a quest to help business leaders and entrepreneurs STAND OUT without selling out in this age of online influence.

In today’s episode:

  • What are examples of testing and measuring in practice?
  • How you can’t just emulate success to get it for yourself.
  • Why it’s worth looking at tik tok right now?

You can discover more about Kirryn Zerna at: https://www.kirrynzerna.com/

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