Episode 73: The Marketing Report

Episode 73: Gender Equality in the Workplace with Anneli Blundell

The Marketing Report is a Podcast for Passionate and Frustrated Business People who want a Competitive Edge.

Gender Equality is a huge subject and one that I’ve been wanting to get some perspective on for some time.

This week, I spoke with author, speaker, and leadership expert, Anneli Blundell who literally wrote the book on the subject “When Men Lead Women”. We discuss Gender Equality, Diversity in the workplace, and how the conversation is changing.

In this episode:

  • Is there a war between the sexes?
  • What conversation we should be having about gender equality?
  • What we can do to join the conversation and how to get started?

Discover more about Anneli Blundell and her book at at https://anneliblundell.com/

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